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When was the last time you went down Soi whatsisname...and what changes did you notice?.


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Pattaya changes on a daily basis, but I'd like to hear BM's thoughts and experiences regarding the above question. Basically add your chosen Soi to the topic.

I'll start with Soi Honey and leave the juicy ones for others.

I walked down Honey back in Sept 2022 and then again in April 2023, Prior to that it was pre covid. It hadn't really changed at all apart from the departure of Retox . Between Sept 2019 and Sept 2022, that was pretty much the only difference. Covid did for a few businesses, but the naughty massage girls are still there, the odd beer bar is still there and Ricky's new place has made an appearance.

Soi 8 hasn't changed much either. Sailor bar still going strong, the Music bar opposite hanging on by a thread, but nothing else much to offer apart from the two bars at the beach rd end of the Soi which seem to be doing OK.

Over to you Fellas...

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Not a daily change, but I think Soi Zyte is near the top, if not the top of the list for a soi that has changed the most in the last decade.

Remember when the top end was a wide open tract of vacant land.
Top Soi Zyte.jpg

And at the bottom end P Plus Hotel was still a gleam in some invester's mind.
Bottom Soi Zyte.jpg

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