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Alcohol-good or bad?


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5 minutes ago, coxyhog said:


Is a good piece. ^^^

I ain't about to give up drinking a few. I just have gotten much better at limiting the intake from way back in the day. Although I do have some days where I think I could find better things to do with that time and money. But on the other hand I think fcuk it, I like it too much. 

My health is pretty good for a 65 year old dude. I stay very active physically and mentally. 

I have kind of developed what I would describe as a natural cut off valve. It just kind of kicks in automatically. There are ocassional exceptions though, but not often. Those are the days that enable me to recognize I need to slow down a bit. But give it up, hell no.

Sitting around some fcuking bar on Soi Bucky all day "people watching" would bore me to death. It's fun once in a while, but every day.... ? Fcuk that.


Wine for sure has some natural benefits. But, as with most things (and as the writer mentions) in moderation.

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