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Sorry, I'm not talking about those sweet liquids that may sometimes drip from one of your lovelies orifices...

I am talking about the more nutritional types (ok ok, I know. C*nt juice probably provides some natural benefits, especially for boosting your smile factor). I am referring to veggie juices.

Lately I have been considering adding more good quality daily intake of veggie juices for general nutritional balance (also can aid with digestion, immunity, blood pressure and a host of other positve things).

I don't want to be arsed with making my own (unless/until I determine a proper mix and prep method). So for now..... I am wondering if there are any others in here who may partake with a healthy well made veggie juice mix. Also, I reckon a good juice mix purchased at a shop could get a little bit pricey. 

Any good advice/recommendations out there ?

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