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What Are You Watching On Netflix?.


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4 hours ago, Golfingboy said:

I can imagine…..haven’t read a novel in so long, don’t know why, had lots of free time the last 2 years

I go through stages when I don't read novels at all....Then other times I read them every day. 

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On 1/1/2022 at 10:51 AM, Golfingboy said:

Was mentioned above, I’m going to give it a chance tomorrow or the next day.

I’ve been binging on this the last 3-4 days. Great show, addictive actually,  I’m into the 3rd season already but if I’m really being honest, just one thing bothers me. It involves one of the main characters and his graphic love for other males. One scene was quite explicit for just simple cable telly

Why has society got to shove this in our faces? Is it so awful to have have manly men who prefer pussy? F—k me the world has gone nuts…

Anyway Happy New Year Allan….



Absolutely brilliant series ..

Was good old @SteelersForLife  that put me onto it I think...



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On 1/14/2022 at 3:40 PM, Golfingboy said:

Even though I found this went a little downhill, will definitely be watching next Friday for the first half of the final season



Just finished the first 7 episodes…..it was pretty good I must admit.

Wonder when the true finale will be released 

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