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VE Day,celebrating in our front garden


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It was really great today, I did a long walk through all of the estate in my local town this afternoon. Almost every other house had tables and chairs outside having a private little party with drink amd food. Some had music playing and some had a TV to watch and all were in good spirits and having a good time.

I was so inspired by it all I decided to come home and join in the fun. Happy VE day guys and gals. :default_drinks:

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59 minutes ago, roomark said:

Some good has come out of this Virus as far as I'm concerned and I hope it carries on..

The U.K in my eyes today

Go to the right places today and you will see people leaving way for the next person smiling, asking how they are and even sharing a joke with them.

I have never seen so many bikes since I was a kid or people walking sharing the sun, time with immediate family and remembering things that really matter.

Today was about remembrance hopefully not only about the past ,the present but also about hope for what the future could be.

Personally today for me was good.

8am this morning with my eldest son

A restored Spitfire

(and 80's BMX for those that know 🤣🤣)




Beautifully written sentiments of a time that slipped away from us...well said.

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