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The only way to get HBO in Canada is usually through a service called Crave, got it free for months at a time through either my cable or cellphone provider. The higher end streaming package is $20+, so I think that turns off many people, if they already have Netflix, AMZN, etc… But just for the HBO content like OZ, Sopranos and Wire re-runs, it can be worth it. The only time I actually paid was last year for the 2 Sunday showings of Tiger Woods’ documentary. At the same time, S1 of the Flight Attendant was good too. 

Another show that was on Crave, but from Showtime, was Californication. Episodes are like 23 minutes, so you zip through a Season in no time

Damn,  now I want my Crave back…..

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7 minutes ago, Stillearly said:

Can't believe it's been 20 years since it first aired  ... just watching a s1 rerun now ..


Amazing show, they combined decent actors with some local Baltimore citizens with no experience…..just genius how it turned out. 

Prop Joe, Omar, Reg E Cathey RIP

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On 5/23/2022 at 4:24 PM, Glasseye said:

Just signed up again with HBO. They've had some of the best stuff out in the past 20 years....


Watching then new documentary - "George Carlin's American Dream"    Fabulous stuff...



Watched George Carlin's American Dream a couple nights ago. Was very good, especially Part 2.

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