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Glorious weekend in London.


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2 hours ago, Nightcrawler said:

There are some great places in London but it's when you hit the inner city areas, that so many are becoming ing an eye sore, these days  

Great pics, what camera did you use? The quality is far too good for smartphone. 

Used the my trusted iPhone 12 (Pro Max of course) for these photos.

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2 hours ago, Yessongs said:

Help me out here, as a general rule, how many good days in a calendar year does London look like this? 

Always wanted to go there, looks great. 

Nice pics Sherlock. 

UK weather is very unpredictable, some years can be great, others not so good.

 I would say August is probably the best guarantee of decent weather.

So far this year it’s not been that great, though some years it can be lovely from May onwards, so it’s really hard to predict.

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