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YT videos of Pattaya pre vs post covid.


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I'm just perusing some videos , mostly from 17/18/19 of Walking street vs today. There are a few very obvious differences. The most obvious is the shift in demographics. Walking street today is dominated by Indian males, either single or in groups. Also more younger Asian guys from Korea or where ever.

Another thing I noticed are that there are fewer single girls walking around, as well as fewer ladyboys and fewer girls hanging around freelancing. The missing overhead signage makes it appear much more open as well. It appears to be quieter, both in noise levels and numbers.

We all understand that WS is merely a visual experience these days, with the odd exception it's an absolute rip off, but it still offers a couple of decent music bars and Skyfall is always a nice break if you want to look at overpriced eye candy while drinking an overpriced drink.

I suggest you guys have a look for yourself, also comparing pre covid, covid and post covid videos of LK Metro is interesting...


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