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tommy dee

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Yeah, best of luck with it mate, I enjoy listening to 103 FM in the car and your news updates.

On the subject of advertising revenue, with so many farang-oriented businesses shut or in the doldrums, is it worth trying the Thai authorities who seem to have unlimited funds? I was thinking along the lines of TAT wanting expats to play a bigger role in keeping the domestic tourist industry alive, but their media announcements are usually just so much gibberish. Maybe they could pay you to run a series of adverts to explain what's what to the confused farang population in our area? Or maybe City Hall could give you a few Baht to tout what bargains there are to be had at the local tourist attractions, like free entry to Nong Nuch for the over-60's on a Monday? I guess there must be other places desperately trying to attract custom.

Just some thoughts, anyway, take them or leave them.

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