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Folks & Flour Homemade French Bakery


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Folks & Flour is loacted on Soi Talman in East Pattaya and had been on my to-do list since a while. Wanted to try one of the breakfast dishes: 
Shashuka a traditional north-african dish with eggs, tomatoes, bell pepper, onions and Feta cheese.

Pic from their web page:
[Bild: 42317504gn.jpg]

Unfortunately I usually have my breakfast at home and as they used to close early at 6 pm (9 pm nowadays), I never visited this bakery.

Recently I saw the parking lot crowded so decided to give it a try. Today was Monday, so not busy and I could take some pics without bothering anybody.

[Bild: 42317521rd.jpg]

[Bild: 42317522bl.jpg]

[Bild: 42317523mv.jpg]

[Bild: 42317524cw.jpg]

The refrigerated display case contained icake, ice cream (probably home made) as well as some specialities:

[Bild: 42317527rh.jpg]

[Bild: 42317528vj.jpg]

[Bild: 42317529sc.jpg]



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The menu offers breakfast, Pastry Brunch, 6 different salads, Paninis, Burgers and Pork ribs, Pasta and Pizza, soups and appetizers, 6 main dishes and about 20 Thai dishes.

In addition there were some other dishes offered on a large card board, like these pasta dishes:


I ordered the goat cheese salad in honey and balsamico with sundried tomatoes, Almonds and olives for 195 Bt. Lovely, but the goat chease was just a thin layer on top of some slices of bread.



Pizzas are available in 2 sizes. Had the small Pepperoni for 175 Bt. The dough was similar to the pan pizza at Pizza Hut, the tomato sauce was deliciouis.



Mrs. CampariO chose a Thai dish and was very happy with it.


My Espresso was lovely as well. Total bill with a Coke and a lemon juice was 675 Bt.


No alcoholic drinks are on sale, not because of the Covid regulations, but as they are located near a school, they cannot obtain the required license.

We enjoyed our dinner and will be back to try more dishes.


Website: https://www.folksandflour.com/

Menu: https://www.folksandflour.com/menu

Location: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Folks+%26+Flour+Homemade+French+Bakery/@12.8947267,100.9028838,15z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x74a634db700b9953!2sFolks+%26+Flour+Homemade+French+Bakery!8m2!3d12.8947267!4d100.9028838!3m4!1s0x0:0x74a634db700b9953!8m2!3d12.8947267!4d100.9028838

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