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Forum incident years ago - Memory lane...


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During my covid stupor last night I called  mate and we ended up chatting about forums of old (bahtbus, pattaybargirls etc) and he mentioned to me and asked if I recalled an incident and which forum it was on, now I *think* something like this has happened before in a similar guise but here goes:

A BM was running a thread about girls past and present, and posted photo's of his conquests. One set of photo's (can't recall if explicit or not) turned out to be another current (at the time on the forum in question) BM's wife / girlfriend (possibly wife) who had since moved away with him to the States and was happy living married life.

The BM asked the poster to remove the pics and appealed to the Admin to do so, and again, memory might not be that great but I think it turned a bit nasty. As far as I recall Admin removed the pics eventually, but only after an agreement or possibly settlement was reached. From memory it might have been a Mistys or an FLB girl.

It's also odd that we don't really get that issue anymore these days, maybe because the forums have matured into a different guise, or maybe because girls are more aware of the implications of having their pics taken, I dunno.

Anyway, does it ring any bells with anyone?.

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1 hour ago, tommy dee said:

I am sure it was Shh, Larry will know

once the girls discovered the internet and not just phones with sms, the cock shots all stopped.  people were grassing others up and even showing them to the bar girls in question.


It certainly happened a few times on Secrets during the time I was admin, but it never got nasty. The pics were usually removed and the poster had no quibbles. 

If this incident was earlier then Larry will know for sure.


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2 hours ago, Yesitisdakid said:

Happened a few times it's bound to

I posted a Walking Street shot somewhere -- flickr I think -- and a guy contacted me and said he was curious when I had taken it. He thought his "significant other" was in the background although she claimed to have not been in Pattaya at the time. 

So it goes in the Land of Smiles...


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