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Pick Pocket Proof Pants


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Never been robbed or pick pocketed in all my years in Thailand 

Once, when fairly drunk, I left my wallet on a bar top in Diana after.paying my bill.  It wasn't until I returned to my hotel, that I realised I had no wallet.  I knew I must have had it up to my last bill but could not not remember which bar it was.  I started sobering up rather quick as I knew I must have had at least 10k. 

With luck I found the bar I was last at. When I arrived, the girls were smiling and the girl I had been talking to said "you forget something"?.  She handed me my wallet.  Didn't expect that.

So I bought the girls in the bar a drink and when I went to pay, no money had been taken during my absence.  

If I had not been known to them as a previous customer, maybe they would have waited and shared it, who knows? 

These days, more concerned about my own stupidity than dishonesty.

I keep my wallet in a zipped compartment in Cargo shorts. 



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