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Dog racing in Vung Tau Vietnam photos


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I used to love dog racing when I was a kid, our local track was at Cardiff Arms Park and my dad ended up owning half a dozen greyhounds, including the track champion for several years running, Aladdin. Once we got into it, our holiday every year was to head over to Dublin to have a look at the latest blood there and see if there was anything worth buying. That involved lots of trips out to farms in the countryside to meet breeders, and inevitable we ended up down the pub getting blottoed. We'd go to the races at Shelbourne Park and Harolds Cross, and got to know a lot of the local greyhound racing community, a lovely bunch they were too. A shame that the sport has dropped out of fashion, in terms of a fast-paced, fun night out there was nothing to beat it.

Here's Aladdin, and another of our prize winners, Lisa's Treasure




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