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List your top 5 apps.


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Tech is wonderful, I tend not to spend much time online these days, but these 5 apps I tend to use every day: I'd be interested to hear what boardies use. Feel free to extend the list, or put in anything you think that might be useful.

1. Whats app

2. Barclays

3. Strave app *when I go for a run, or take my Dad out for a walk - good to see the distances.

4. Waze (for driving)

5. Music player.

Although I use a few more, these 5 get used every day without fail. They're all free (Barclays for customers) and although they have a few ads, they're not intrusive.

On the subject of Apps in LOS, I noticed people tend not to use LINE much anymore. Anyone know why?.



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Social - Facebook , Messenger, Instagram , WhatsApp , LINE 

Finance - my general Banking / Credit card apps in U.K. and Thailand  , Wise , Revolut 

Travel - NordVPN , TripIt , Grab , Bolt , InDrive , Tinder , Thai Friendly 

Entertainment - FPL , SkyGo , Music , Podcasts 

Health - Fitness , MapMyRide


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Gmail would top the list in terms of use, Voice for audible books would be second.

As for clever and useful apps, in no particular order.

Shazam for telling me what music is currently playing
Google Translate
Tapo for remotely monitoring my CCTV cameras
Enhance Pro for remote programming of my Jabra hearing aids

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I tend to use WhatsApp and messenger for much of my communication with LINE for Asia chat, especially with the girls.

Spotify for my podcasts

Facebook to see what's happening with my friends and fishing lakes.

Google maps for most of my travel is invaluable. 

I don't use banking apps on my phone at all.


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37 minutes ago, Krapow said:

At the last London meet, being a nosey c**t, i happened to have a butchers at @Nightcrawlers phone.



Boyztown boys

Pook Bar Regulars


Daily Mail

I was shocked when i seen the Daily Mail!






Unfortunately you must have picked up my friend's phone who was sitting next to me, who is an avid Daily Mail reader and swears by every word. I would never dream of tarnishing my phone with their App. I also believe that he is a regular at Pooks Bar. You must have seen him there a few times. 🙂

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The standard Samsung/android SMS app.

The standard Samsung/android telephone app.

The standard Samsung/android camera app and photo editor.

The standard Samsung/android calculator.




Jabra sound+


Diggy's Adventure

Brave Browser

Firefox Browser

I always use a browser for email, news, forums, social media, etc

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