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Think about the fall of the Roman Empire?

A trend on TikTok claims to expose what men really think about

What men think about has been exposed, depending on who you ask.

There’s a new trend taking over TikTok where women ask men how often they think about the fall of the Roman Empire, and if the results are to be believed … it is often.

The wild trend features hundreds of TikToks of men admitting they think about the Roman Empire weekly, daily, and even monthly, and it has amassed millions of views on TikTok.


Personally, I'm with Sam Snead.


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7 hours ago, boydeste said:

Total bollocks if you ask me.


It was a survey conducted by a reputable social media app and the results published by a Murdoch owned organisation.

Next you'll be saying that "influencers" photoshop themselves wearing designer gear into exotic locations, six fingers and all.



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