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Things to do with the iPhone 15


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iPhone 15 launch

After queuing for days to get your new iPhone 15 with the totally new oval shaped charging and data port, these are the lemmings in Sydney, what to do with it.

One person had the right idea.




Now say



three times in your best basso profondo voice then go outside to play.


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^^^ I like his presentation style. What's impressive is how small the brains of a phone have gotten.


Edited to add: I queued the video to start at the tear down of the 3D sensor shift module. Pretty imppressvie the engineering that went into the module.


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I’m due for an upgrade, but think I’ll give this a miss…..already stories of getting very hot while not doing much……unforgivable IMO

That being said, I’m an Apple slut and will continue using their products……wanted a new tablet as well, going for  the Air as I read the cheapest model 9, which I believe is under $300 USD no, is just not very good

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