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///// BREAKING NEWS ////// BLACKPINK’s Lisa spotted at PSG v Newcastle UCL match sparking relationship rumours...


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Social media is abuzz following the appearance last night of BLACKPINK’s Lisa at a UEFA Champions League football match with Frederic Arnault sparking relationship rumors.....



Folks.... Lisa, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and more..... These are the people who give our lives meaning and purpose.....We would be lost in life without the news keeping us updated with what they are doing every day......

Would life even be worth living anymore without these stars??? 

Without our daily dose of star-struck goodness, I guess all we would have left would be the bottle or the balcony....


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10 hours ago, forcebwithu said:

I read the article and am scratching my head as to what "history" they made?

Yeah, that article is a little weak on comprehension. Here's another than states the milestone right off the bat.

There's a big K-Pop fan in my household (11yo) so this stuff is old hat.

. . .

"Blackpink have made history by becoming the first ever Korean band to headline a major UK music festival. The K-pop girl group played an electrifying set at London's BST Hyde Park to a sold-out crowd of 65,000 fans, some of whom travelled half way across the world to see them perform."


. . .



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