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High Society Disco bulldozed in Angeles ??


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I am on an Angeles based forum and the chatter is that all the fittings etc have been taken out and that the lease isn't being renewed and even if another HISO was too be erected it wouldn't be where it was situated in Walking Street. The generator has been taken out, the place has been stripped to the brickwork, the lease is due and too be honest this is the main reason many think it has closed.

Like in Pattaya the landlords don't see issues in foreigners, tenants breaking the bank to pay rents for businesses that are likely to remain closed for many months not just days.

A few threads about its demise and one about memories.  Of course some have chosen the thread to talk about themselves and their exploits rather than the subject matter, a bit like on here sometimes where the thread gets completely side tracked.

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7 minutes ago, Butch said:

I remember this one time...


so do I,

i remember when the local owner started to pulled down the old "Aussie Bar" in Ermita.

the place was packed and the workers was pulling the roofing iron sheets off.

Aussie bar the best bar anywhere in Asia then and now,

not over fussed on the aussie  Gaffer but loved the Boss mamasan Elsie,still the best mamasan ever.



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