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Reliable Weather forecast source for Thailand?


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Any ideas, I can't seem to find a weather forecast on the Bangkok post site anymore.

The Thai met office site when I've tried it is very flaky

What website do you use to keep track on the weather here and what would say is the most accurate?


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Weather.com is my go to source for local weather. Keep in mind that even though the link is for Pattaya, the weather prediction is for the much larger area around Pattaya. It's often times possible to have thunderstorms just east of Pattaya that never make to central Pattaya.


To get a sense of what weather might be currently moving into the area, I use these two links to radar loops.



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27 minutes ago, forcebwithu said:

And place one of these outside the window...


Now I'm mining my brain trying to remember where I've seen this sign ! 

Tho I think the bottom line has been added recently.

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