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Tourist stabbed during massive brawl with Thai sex workers

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Tourist stabbed during massive brawl with Thai sex workers

A group of male tourists ended up in a massive brawl with Thai prostitutes over a money dispute during a sex party.


A sex party with Thai prostitutes and British tourists turned into ‘World War Three’ when the men refused to pay, police said.

The tourists allegedly called the five transgender escorts to their villa for sex along with two other women on the island of Phuket, southern Thailand, in the early hours of Thursday morning.

But midway through the party there was allegedly a disagreement over prices, sparking chaotic scenes that woke up the whole street.

Shocking footage shows naked sex workers running into the street as the two groups hurled glasses and garden pots at each other over the garden wall.

Inside the property, broken glass littered the floor and blood was splattered across the walls — among empty bottles and cigarettes.

A terrified neighbour watching from his balcony can be heard in the video saying: “My god, they’re killing each other in there.”

“It was like World War Three. Everything was being thrown around. I wanted to get a helmet for my own safety.”

Police who arrived at the scene treated Joseph Abadi-Johns, 23, from Bristol, for a stab wound to his stomach before he was bandaged up and rushed to hospital.

Officers said the other men in the group were also British.

In the video police lieutenant Phuwadech Rodthongdee can be heard asking the tourist if he is OK.

“No, not really, my stomach hurts, my core area, I’ve got no power, I need stitches,” Mr Abadi-Johns responds.

The fight is said to have erupted when one of the disgruntled prostitutes grabbed a wallet belonging to one of the Brits because they felt short-changed.

One of the tourists was then allegedly stabbed with a kitchen knife when a prostitute grabbed items from the drawers during the fracas.

Police arrived shortly after 4am questioning those involved in the mass brawl that took place in the Kata district of the popular holiday island.

“We received a report of an incident at the Kata Ocean View residence at 4am,” Police Captain Surasak Sudmuang said.

“When we arrived we learned that the foreign tourists had reached out to three transgender prostitutes to come to their villa and agreed to pay them 4,000 Baht each ($170).

“After this, there was a disagreement and the altercation began. We are also interviewing the property owner who rented it to the tourists.”

Police said that during the party, two of the sex workers were asked to leave and the group then only paid the remaining sex worker 2,000 Baht ($85), which was half the rate of 4,000 Baht that is said to have been agreed upon.

One of the tourists was taken to hospital for a stab wound and the other two were treated for minor injuries at the island’s Dibuk Hospital.

Additionally, one prostitute sustained injuries to her head and arm and was taken to Chalong Hospital.

Two other prostitutes sustained minor injuries and were taken to Karon Police Station for further questioning and legal proceedings.

Police captain Surasak Sudmuang added: “We do not have the details of everybody involved in the case and we have not charged anybody yet”.

“We are still waiting for all of the tourists to return from the hospital to give statements at the police station.

“The prostitutes told us that the tourists started the fight. We must check both sides of the dispute.

“We want to protect tourists from being involved in dangerous situations but they also must take extra care themselves to avoid trouble.”

A neighbour who heard the massive fight described it as being 'World War Three'. Picture: Viral Press

The villa was completely trashed. Picture: Viral Press



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Maybe a bunch of young lads first time in Thailand,beer goggles on,take beautiful sexy thai lady's,only to discover said lady's had bigger sausages than them so they told them to go,pay half price,lbs still want play sausages with handsome lads and agreed price...big drama ensues,that woke the residents up.

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Wow!  Wifey and I went to this park yesterday, we saw this part of the park that said "English Garden" There were some people there that she talked to that were from "Leicester"  She told me "All the people that I have ever met from Britain, are always nice" 

I won't be showing her this article 😟



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