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Poll shows most Thais still oppose foreign arrivals

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Poll shows most Thais still oppose foreign arrivals

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A recent survey carried out by the National Institute of Development Administration, or Nida Poll, shows that a majority of Thais still oppose opening the country to foreigners, even if they’re not infected with Covid-19, saying the global coronavirus situation is still very serious. The poll was conducted on July 6-8 on 1,251 people aged 18 and over, of various education levels and occupations throughout the country.

A “medical and wellness” program would open the country to foreigners who test negative for Covid-19 to receive medical treatment. They would undergo a mandatory 14 day quarantine before being allowed to return to their home countries.

A majority or respondents – 55.3% – disagreed with the program. Of those, 41.4% strongly disagreed, saying those admitted could be asymptomatic carriers and cause a second wave of infections, while Thailand already has many infections imported by Thais returning from abroad. Another 13.9% said they disagreed because the situation does not yet warrant allowing foreigners in, even if they have health certificates.

On the other hand, 23.1% agreed with the program, saying it would enhance the reputation of Thai medical facilities and spur the economy; and 21.6% moderately agreed, reasoning that measures taken by Thailand have proven effective against the spread of the virus.

A second proposed program would allow those foreigners admitted for medical treatment to travel around Thailand after undergoing a 14 day quarantine. 37.9%  respondents strongly opposed this and and wanted Covid-19 to be 100% eradicated first because they have no confidence in the 14 day quarantine, while 14.5% disagreed with it, although less strongly, for fear of a second wave, since Covid-19 was originally imported by foreigners.

Conversely, 24.1% strongly supported the program, saying it would help rehabilitate tourism and stimulate the economy, while another 23.3% said they somewhat agreed with it for showing confidence in Thai medical services. The rest had no comment or were not interested.

Asked about the travel bubble program that would allow foreigners from virus-free countries to visit, a majority – 54.4% – agreed with it. Of them, 25.9% strongly agreed, saying it would help spur the economy and revitalise the airline industry.

On the other side, 29.6% strongly opposed the program.

When asked whether they were confident the government could contain the spread of the virus if foreigners are allowed into the country under these programmes, 59.6% were not confident, while 39.3% were.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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24 minutes ago, thumper63 said:

They would prefer that we stay home but mail them the money we would of spend if we were there. Hell, I feel the same about the tens of thousands of tourists that swarm Durango year round. So can't really blame them

Feel the same, I'd love to travel but can't blame the Thais for feeling that way. Agree though with Gal's point though about how many of those against depend on tourism 

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Farangs are becoming an endangered species here. I had a 50-minute walk yesterday afternoon along the stretch of Jomtien Beach that I favour (south of Wat Bun) and in all that time I saw a grand total of three other farangs. Being a Sunday, it was packed out with Thais, and they didn't seem to be missing us at all.

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21 hours ago, nampla69 said:

Sad to read but not a surprise. See it was taken in July ........ if there is a big second wave (whatever that means)

then this will probably make Thais even more keen to ban khun falang. 

do you think that the paper got the results it was looking for by the questions in the poll.

polls are not that reliable look at Brexit and last elections in UK,the last federal elections in Australia and the Presidential in USA 2016?

the next big poll should be,out of me,you and super stud Boydeste who is going to BF Fon out of Le Pub first?

myself,i have not had much luck with BGs named Fon :default_crybaby:



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