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This is so sad....


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It is very sad indeed and he must have been going through some difficult times. Its not the first time that a suicide has taken place at a gun range in Pattaya. But still rarely happens. I guess for someone who has decided to end their life, that a bullet in the head would be a quick and preferable way to go, as opposed to jumping from a high building off hanging themself in a hotel room or condo and being found days or weeks later. 

That said, for those who had to witness the shooting it must have also been extremely traumatic. 

I think that whilst Pattaya is the Fun city, there is nowhere to go to if you are a foreigner who is suffering from mental illness of having suicidal thoughts. I don't  think there is any equivalent to the Samaritans, or counselling services in many Western counries, and if you are on your own with no one to support you, maybe not have the funds to get a flight back, it can seem hopeless.  I have seen it happen to friend, but I was not there to help.  

Maybe there is a support group for Westerners, but I have never heard of one in Pattaya. 

It is a tragedy and so too often Paradise can quickly become a Nightmare in a short space of time. 



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There is a "Samaritans of Thailand" and they have an English hotline.


It came up from a google search and something I recall seeing online ages ago, so apologies if it is not valid.

Tragic when someone does this and difficult for those who witnessed it to perhaps come to terms.

A morbid subject, but the last suicide of a person whom I knew (over in Pattaya) was Howard, the photographer guy from FLB, a long time ago. I knew him to chat with in the bar and occasionally elsewhere. His suicide came as a bit of a shock.


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