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San Luis Obispo, The Fab 4, Cars/Military


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22 hours ago, galenkia said:

Awesome pics Mike, thanks for posting them. Looks an amazing place and that you had a brilliant time. Beautiful food and scenery. Love the car's, these old Yanks are my favourite. Could see myself cruising round Cally in one of them. 


No kidding Alan, I still want that 65 Mystic Blue Mustang, shit I will check my Lottery tickets in a minute. If I hit, I buy you that one and I take the Mustang? Deal? 

22 hours ago, lazarus said:

Thanks Mike. Looks like a lot of fun. Great photos. 

Wonder if anyone's dropped acid at the Madonna Inn? Far out...


Matt, guess who lives in "Arroyo Grande" about a 15 minute drive from the Madonna Inn?  Yep, Jon Anderson from "Yes" I was looking around for him LOL! 

20 hours ago, boydeste said:

Awesome Mike, good to see you making the most of the freedom. 

Thanks for sharing the experience. 

Thanks Stu...Yeah I know it is good to be out and about...neither Rachanee or I are the "sit around the house types" at all. 

17 hours ago, Krapow said:

Great pics as usual, love your 'out and about' pics, you and the wife know how to enjoy yourselves, and great to see anyone out and about enjoying life again since this shitstorm. 

Thanks Krapow....I am sure you and your wife and everyone else take advantage of any time we can to get out somewhere..I did not think about Covid or any other crap for any of these gigs...it was nice. 

11 hours ago, Pumpuynarak said:

Fantastic pics and report Mike TFP. Glad you had a good time away from all the doom and gloom. Where you stayed looks interesting. Love the cars mate and yes i would agree with your choice.

Thanks Cliff, yeah the "looms" at Madonna Inn are unique, great town and the coast in Calif is great for sure. Hope to meet up with you and wifey one day when we get back.

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19 hours ago, Aqualung said:

Wonderful report Mike. I think you have surpassed yourself here. Excellent pictures as usual. Top notch stuff my friend. 

Any idea of when you will be back in Min Buri? Dinners on me if we ever cross paths in BKK. 


Thanks Steve, not sure about Thailand. Certainly not getting anywhere near there until they get Covid a bit more under control. Am not going to go through the "process" they want you to do in order to get back there. Rachanee and I are having alot of fun here. 

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