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Boarding pass at immigration

karon steve

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I always have my boarding pass in my pocket or on my phone but I have never been asked for my boarding pass. In fact, on occasions, I have put my boarding pass in the passport, the immigration officer just passes it back before even looking at it as it appears to be an inconvenience to have left it in my passport.

Always should have available though, hard copy or on phone if asked (unlikely).

More important to ensure you have the e ticket for the return journey or the e-visa if staying for more than the 30 days as a tourist. They may ask you for those.

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Last time i was there the Lady at immigration asked for my return ticket. No problem I had it in my airline app. I don't remember if she asked to see anything else. I don't remember if I asked to show anything else besides return and passport. Never asked about arrival flight, hotel, or proof of enough finances for my holodays. It might just be random checks that they do.

She did look cute so I am bit disappointed that she didn't ask where i stayed, I would have taken that as a date plan and bought wine and flowers for her.🤣

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I pass my boarding card over with my passport and usually they write the flight number in the entry stamp.

As long as you have it either in paper form, or on your phone if asked, you will be fine.

Interestingly, I just checked my entry last month on an evisa and they didn't write it in this time.

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12 hours ago, Abhishek Singh said:

Hi, I am from India.

Is Visa on Arrival free in Thailand at present? (March 2024)

Currently the modified rules allow people from India to enter without a visa for up to 30 days.

I believe that is the case until some time in may.

That may be extended too.

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