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Stayin' Alive by Staying at Home

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Otherwise, the self-imposed isolation due to the COVID-19 outbreak hasn't been onerous for me.  I'm living in a comfortable house well-stocked with food. I have access to a high-speed Internet connect

Be forewarned:  this is possibly the most boring trip report you've ever read.  No adventures with girls; no booze or bars; no exotic settings; not even many food reviews.  It will be a dull account o

To give some context, I began my U.S. trip by spending  two weeks (Jan. 23-Feb. 7) in the New York City area taking care of business.  Nothing much was different from any other visit to the U.S.  Ever

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1 hour ago, Evil Penevil said:

The "Bunnings Karen" video has attracted a lot of attention in the U.S. and gone viral.  You can read about it and see all the videos in this article in the Daily Mail:  'Bunnings Karen' unmasked: Woman who was arrested after confronting staff at a Melbourne hardware store is a sales consultant who prides herself on quality 'customer service'

It seems she is the Australian equivalent of U.S. crackpots who call themselves "sovereign citizens."  I don't want to get too political in this thread, but "sovereign citizens"  use very flawed reasoning  to justify defiance of local laws. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an admirable statement on human rights, but it isn't binding on Australia or any other country.  Even when a country signs a binding international treaty,  that doesn't give its citizens the right to break local law.


A few more snippets about the Bunnings Karen.

On Thursday, she posted in an Australian anti-vaxxer, 5G, conspiracy theorist group that
she’d begun the argument at her local chemist after being asked to wear a face mask.

The former iSelect worker appears to believe in a number of different conspiracy theories,
including that there is a mass global conspiracy to manipulate the population into wearing
face masks and social distance — and that these measures aren’t being used to stop the
spread of coronavirus.

Ms Nash also has shared content claiming that Microsoft founder Bill Gates is trying to
microchip the global population, and she says his face is untrustworthy.

Remind you of anyone we know?


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1 hour ago, fygjam said:

Remind you of anyone we know?

Kerry Nash has also said she believes mask wearers are driving up prices and ruining the scene for everyone, so it must be Gabor.   😁

Australia does seem to have more interesting Karens than the U.S. , where most are either suburban soccer moms or trailer park trash.



Coronavirus denier Eve Black attends large 
conspiracy theory meeting at Cranbourne gym

Suzan Delibasic, Cranbourne Leader
Subscriber only


A conspiracy theorist who filmed herself laughing after breaching a police roadblock is at it again, attending a large gathering at a Cranbourne gym.

Eve Black, who calls the pandemic a “SCAMdemic” on social media and uploaded vision of her interaction with officers at a lockdown checkpoint last week, attended a large conspiracy theory meeting at The Combat Athlete gym in Cranbourne on Sunday night.

Nick Patterson posted a photo of the meeting on social media which showed the group were not social distancing or wearing masks.

Mr Patterson wrote: “A great night together discussing the putrid conduct of the police, government and media lies.”

“We are strong and won’t bow down to these oppressors,” he said.“Eve Black thank you for sharing your experience with us and how the Mainstream Media created a work of fiction. With their slanderous narrative to demonise you, a true libertarian.  God bless the righteous and give them power to prevail.”


Black responded: “Thank you for having me there. It was so amazing to be in a room full of people who support and celebrate me during this tough time.”

Her actions last week were roundly condemned by politicians and health experts, and Ms Black is likely to receive a knock at her door from police.

Several conspiracy theorists also took to the Facebook congratulating the group on their efforts for holding the meeting.

One person wrote: “Well done guys, Fight the power.”

Another wrote: “We must stand up we must stick together.”

It can also be revealed the group is planning to hold a meeting on Saturday, August 1 at 6pm.

Black has no regrets about her public stunt last week, posting a message on her Facebook page saying “I regret nothing. I’m just tired of the abuse and threats. Wake up, sleeper” with the emoji of a sheep.

She also posted a quote purportedly from Melbourne Supreme Court Justice Stephen Kaye saying “it is an ancient principle of the common law that a person under arrest has no obligation to stop for police or answer their questions."

Victoria Police has been contacted for comment.

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7 minutes ago, Evil Penevil said:

Kerry Nash has also said she believes mask wearers are driving up prices and ruining the scene for everyone, so it must be Gabor.   😁




I hope someone explains to her that naked protests get a lot more publicity. 🙂

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I've had a bit of excitement during my "Stay-at-Home" days in Delaware:  two tornadoes and heavy, heavy rains, winds and storm damage in a five-day period.  On Tuesday a "shelter-in-place" order went out and we had to spend about 30 minutes in the basement waiting for the tornado to pass. When we were in the eye of the storm,  the sky turned an eerie pale yellow I've never seen before.  No wind or rain, perfectly calm.  There was no damage to my niece's house or property, possibly because she had all the trees trimmed and a dead one cut down a few weeks ago. 

Some pics from the area:












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The picture below was taken on a relative's property by a motion-sensor wildlife camera.  A mama bear and her four(!) cubs upended a deer feeder filled with corn and the camera caught their thievery.   One of the cubs is flat on its back, probably sleeping off a bellyful of corn.


It's unusual for a bear sow to have four cubs survive.  That's most likely down to plenty of food in the area and a lack of predators big enough to take down a bear cub.

My relative is rethinking the placement of the deer feeder.  He doesn't want a return visit from the bear family.  He and his wife have a summer home on the property and it would be disastrous if five bears broke in and ransacked it. He's now researching ways to make the house "bear-proof."


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9 minutes ago, Evil Penevil said:

He's now researching ways to make the house "bear-proof."

This at all the doors and windows should do the trick. 😉


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Plenty of bear sightings around my town lately too - there are two black bear sows, each with three cubs, that have been making the rounds and then this happened last week too not far from here:



Grizzly killed in Marsh Lake after breaking into cabin with people inside


The bear was emaciated, according to a conservation officer

Steve Silva · CBC News · 
One of the trailers broken into this month by a grizzly bear in Marsh Lake, Yukon. (Karen Vallevand/CBC)

A grizzly bear was killed over the weekend after breaking into a cabin with people inside in Marsh Lake, Yukon, according to the territorial government.

"This bear clearly knew that it was not in any condition to make it through the winter, so it was getting rather extreme in the lengths that it would go to to try and find food sources," David Bakica, a conservation officer for the Whitehorse district, said on Wednesday.

The problems with the bear date as far back as at least Aug. 11, when conservation officers were called to the area of McClintock Valley Road.


Bakica said the bear broke into a residence with someone inside. The person escaped through a back door, then went inside a travel trailer.  

When police arrived, the sound of their cars arriving scared the bear away, he said.

Later, conservation officers set up a trap, among other things, and they learned that the bear broke into several cabins, homes, and trailers.

"It broke through closed doors, broke the locks off just by smashing on the door," Bakica said.

The bear also ripped doors off of campers and broke through a window, he added.

Late Saturday, it broke into a cabin with two people inside, where it was shot by one of the occupants. The people weren't injured, Bakica said.

"This is a pretty unusual circumstance. Bears generally have a natural fear of humans, to the point where they won't go where there are strong human smells," Bakica said.

"This bear probably didn't realize there were people in the cabins, but this bear just simply didn't care."

He said the bear was emaciated and more than 30 years old.

Bakica said it's important that people think about how to properly manage things on their property that attract bears, such as food.



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KFC drops famous 'finger lickin' good' slogan amid COVID-19 pandemic

Kentucky Fried Chicken is pressing pause on its popular slogan "Finger lickin' good" during the fight against COVID-19.

The fast food chain said the 64-year-old slogan doesn't quite fit in the current environment. KFC released an ad on YouTube where it blurred out the slogan featured on old billboards and signs.
The company said the slogan won't be gone forever though. KFC plans bring the slogan back when the time is right.
KFC, like other restaurants, temporarily closed it dining rooms in March and encouraged customers to use the drive-thru or delivery.

Workers are now required to wear masks and go through a health screening before each shift.
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The female Black Lives Matter protester who showed her pussy to cops in Portland caused quit a stir in the U.S.  While police fired pepper balls at her, she put on a show wearing only a face mask and beanie cap for 15 minutes at 1.45 a.m. on a Saturday morning.  The cops retreated before she finished, which may have been mere coincidence or a tactical decision on their part because the show was attracting other protesters to the intersection.

 Dubbed "Naked Athena," the protester generated a huge amount of attention online and in the mainstream media.  I don't want to violate board rules, so I'm just embedding an innocuous clip and censored photo. You can find a longer video by doing a Google search for "Naked Athena full video."  The woman hasn't been identified, but she acknowledged in an interview with an alternate media reporter a few days later that she was a "sex worker" and mixed-race "person of color," but didn't get specific about the racial mix. In the U.S., "person of color" refers to anyone who is not a plain-vanilla white of European extraction.  From what can be seen of Naked Athena's face outside the mask, she looks Asian to me.

In any case, the video and pics went super-viral and were referred to in every U.S. mainstream print and TV news report.  I'm posting about the incident in this thread because of its entertainment value as a display of female flesh.  I don't want to spark a discussion of the political aspects of the BLM protests. If anyone tries, I won't respond other than to ask the Mods to remove such posts.  Feel free to comment on her tits and unshaved bush, but not the BLM movement or U.S. politics.

I made a reply on the political aspects of NA in the BLM US Civil War and Unrest in the Politics Club and that's the proper place for any political comments.

This isn't a new story; it happened on July 18. I didn't comment on it back then because I thought it was a stunt.  The initial reports said Naked Athena was doing nude yoga or striking "ballet poses," but that had me  8_roflmao.gif.f8711f9ddb9c3076e48f356bfd156c64.gif.  I thought the poses were static versions of what you see in a striptease or live cam show and had absolutely nothing to do with either yoga or ballet.  My suspicions were confirmed when the news broke she was a "sex worker,"  a term which in the U.S. includes strippers, webcam girls and porn models as well as prostitutes.

I am amazed the girl hasn't tried to earn money off the vast amount of publicity her Portland show generated.  She could have earned a million dollars by starting her own Web site with explicit pics and would have gotten huge fees as a headline performer in strip clubs.  She could have become the most famous porn star since Linda Lovelace and Traci Lords.

So far she hasn't.  Naked Athena with legs splayed in front of riot cops may go down as just one more footnote on what will go down as the most extraordinary summer in U.S. history.


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On 7/27/2020 at 2:05 PM, Bazle said:

I hope someone explains to her that naked protests get a lot more publicity. 🙂

Someone did!


1 hour ago, Thai Spice said:

Really ? 

How the mighty have fallen .....

You may be fishing.jpgbut I'm not fishinga.jpg.     I'm happy to discuss the implications of the summer's events in the Politics Club thread.


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