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Natural Disasters - Everywhere These Days


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There's been a lot of natural disasters lately.

Here's one in India -- nine tourists were killed and several were injured after a massive rockslide hit a bridge in Himachal Pradesh’s Sangla Valley yesterday, July 25th, 2021.


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38 minutes ago, Kathmandu said:

It's bad Laz. The greater Bay Area has been spared so far. So Far...long way to go.


Yeah. I was here in'91 for the Oakland Hills fire. Always a possibility it might happen again. More so this year. 🙏

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9 minutes ago, Yessongs said:

Yeah Matt, forgot to mention that on my way to Fresno, i could not believe how low the San Luis Reservoir was. 

A real eye opener...I should have stopped and taken a picture. 

Yeah...no rain, little snow. Lake Oroville is at it's lowest level since '77.


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21 minutes ago, Nickrock said:

I think a lot of these real bad storms earthquakes etc is the planets way of saying there are too many of us now your messing with the planets equilibrium or some thing

Where storms are concerned, I agree with you. As for earthquakes, most[0] aren't man-induced, so I mostly disagree with you.



[0] I know of some man induced earthquakes caused by natural gas extraction in the Dutch province Groningen.

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European wildfires:

(apologies for the CNN link)


Germany flooding recently:


Now the Gulfstream might collapse (or not )


Of course Climate change being mooted, but nothing mentioned about the fact that most floods are caused by building houses on flood plains and deforestation.


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12 minutes ago, Stillearly said:


For those who can't read Greek a translation:


Incredible images from a ship on Lake Evia that drove people away from the shores where the big fire reached on Friday, August 6, 2021.
Video Stavros Dev


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1 hour ago, lazarus said:

Effects of drought and climate change...

I saw this recently while on a trip in California's Central Valley.

In blistering drought, California farmers rip up precious almond trees






Greece and Turkey getting hammered now.


Much of Russia is a giant field of Hogweed now. They virtually destroyed a vast area of their agricultural lands.

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