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Happy Birthday Pretty Bitch


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Nearly midnight in Thailand and that legend who wears coloured wigs and baseball caps back to front is about to turn 46.

Have I got that right??

He's busy just now putting his Mexicans with chickens collection in alphabetical order Julio ---Jesus - Juan - Juarez - Pablo - Pedro - Padron ....Js and Ps take a while.

Anyway looking younger every year is the ex meat packer or was it fudge packer??? 

Michigan's finest export and love ya mate ...... keep on walking and trucking ...... Happy Birthday to Larry !!!!!



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Hap Hap Happy Birthday you Dirty old chicken molester. Breaks me heart that a whole bunch of us aren't there to help celebrate your birthday with you. But I absolutely promise that there is are a couple dozen of us thinking of you on this special day.

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6 hours ago, misteregg said:

Larry. When you coming out of retirement???
Soon I hope.
Happy birthday.

I think you been drinking Phil 

6 hours ago, tko said:

Ow, I'm late to the party as usual.  Happy belated birthday wishes Larry.

Good to see you online as well, Phil.  I hope you're hanging in there.


Many thanks Sir

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