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Forum loading/posting etc incredibly slow


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41 minutes ago, john luke said:

Was it just text that you were uploading or pictures, movies which are larger files?

Just text, loading the view new content, making a post, whatever.  Not pics or anything.

10 minutes ago, Horizondave said:

I had a similar problem earlier so maybe one of the big boys having a problem, I am with Virgin.,

Yea, was a little bit slow yesterday evening, but this morning it's bad, well hit and miss, but when bad, it's bad ...

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I've noticed the slow down too, and sometimes no response at all. Couple of hours ago I was opening a few of the new posts in separate tabs, about half loaded and the rest stalled with nothing loaded. A few minutes later all was fine again.

Suspect it may be the servers are overloaded at times with activity. Perhaps someone can have a look at the server utilization logs to pinpoint times when utilization is pegged at 100%. Then drill down to see what activity was going on at the time to identify a possible source for the slow response times.

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I'm having a weird problem twice it's happened today (using my phone)

Iv had to sign in twice (and i've kept the tick option full to stay signed in)

I only use the forum on the phone so can't see anyone else getting my password .

Anyone else had the same problem??

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