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3 Performers you wish you could have seen.


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Had a chat with a mate at the gym yesterday, on the subject of bands we wished we'd had seen, if ever.

Don't limit it to 3 if ya don't want to.

Mine (in no particular order)

Aretha - A voice that could make grown men cry, Ever since the Blues Brothers, I always wanted to hear her live. One of my most played artists on YT.

Buddy Holly and the Crickets - Just to hear them in the really early days, and to hear live, the sound which laid a platform for so much music that followed.

Queen -Say no more.

Tbh it is very hard to limit it to just 3, especially when there's bands like Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple (their Fireball Tour) performers like Hendrix and Rory Gallagher, but it's just for a bit of fun so don't take the topic too seriously 🙂

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1 hour ago, Smiler said:

Bob Marley

Frank Sinatra

The Prodigy


Saw Bob Marley, Chicago Auditorium (1972 or 3). First row (just pure luck). He died not long after that, but I can't remember the year.


Actually saw Frank Sinatra at a show I worked. Can't remember the year,  but that was when he was really on the decline (slurring his words, shitfaced on stage, etc.).

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1 hour ago, boydeste said:



Neil Diamond



Queen was also on my list.


I have an old friend (not even sure if he is still kicking). He was a concert and music freak, and very knowledgable/talented.


He went to a Queen show at the Chicago Auditorium, back in the early to mid 70's. The Chicago Auditorium is an historical internationally recognized theatre. It is renowned for it's acoustics and "ambiance". A truly remarkable venue to see anything. They eventually ceased doing "rock" shows there because they were concerned about deterioration (rightly so). It was sad to see them stop doing shows there, but also understandable. 

I suppose it might be compared to The Royal Albert Hall, London. I feel very fortunate to being able to see some of the shows there that I did back in the 70's. Acts I was lucky enough to see there included the Dobbie Brothers, Jackson Browne, New Riders of the Purple Sage and Bob Marley (all mind blowing great shows). I was able to take the Illinois Central (IC) commuter train down there. The Van Buren station was just a block away from the Auditorium so Mom didn't worry.

Anyway.... my buddy that saw the Queen show there said it was just incredible. For many many years (and many many concerts) following that he said that show was by far the best he had ever seen. I had a chance to go to that show but blew it off. I still regret it.

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Just got this DVD from Amazon....one of the first albums I ever bought was Taste & this was their greatest concert....& why Jimi when asked how does it feel to be the greatest guitarist in the world,he said you should ask Rory Gallagher.

Great after a bit of alcohol....



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