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tommy dee

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Deeply saddened to inform all of the passing of Phil Gaines, aka Lanza/Lanzalad.


As some will know, Phil had been battling cancer with all his might for the past few years.  the ups and downs have been enormous.  sometimes when we spoke I was convinced it would be our last chat ever, he could hardly breathe to finish a sentence.  a week later he was up and atom, as they say.  but the past few months really took their toll on him as cancer did its evil deed.

He read the messages earlier on from you guys and I know that until it became an ordeal he was "on the board" and did often reply.  he appreciated them a  lot too.

Several others here were in regular contact too, and we all saw him come back, and post, and do the admin and enjoy the board even quite recently.  all will confirm that the last few weeks were fro from a comfortable period and that, sadly, his passing will in many ways have been a relief to him

Phil was fortunate to have a wonderful wife who has been his real strength these past years.  She is a strong woman by nature but the series of shocks regarding his health hurt her deeply, this as together they introduced Little Thomas into the world, a little man who quickly became the apple of Phil's eye.


This Board was his idea,  by then he was in the process of moving back to the UK and we had talked about a decent, friendly board for a long time.  I wont bore you with the ins and outs, ups or downs of that but it was Phil who built it, made it work and showed me the semi finished, albeit post-less article. 

When we launched, we thought.. 40 members would be good, well that soon changed.  as did some of the board goals too as subjects broadened and it grew.  But it always was Phils Baby,  and always , in my mind, will be.


In the last few weeks, two BMs here have been in regular contact and visits which I know cheered him up no end.  I wont name as thats their business but they are welcome, please, to do so, and from all of us who couldnt, a big thank you for the effort.


SInce monday he had been unable to speak or recognise anyone, and was cared for by a great nurse and his lovely wife throughout


WE ALL HAVE MEMORIES OF PHIL,  PLEASE SHARE HERE..  he would love to see the post count go up  ( 555555)

Where ever he is, the bald northern git with a heart of gold, I hope he has a laptop , and is reading this.  I will probably get a Pm later that will begin.. "yeah but Tommy, the thing is...."  cos that was his start to most discussions.

Love to his family, and miss ya mate, especially the 4am messages  "can you talk"






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So, so, sad to read of Phils passing. 
I not ashamed to say I cried when I read of it.
I hope Puang and Tommy are with family and friends at this sad time. 
My wife, son and I only met him once and then only briefly at the Temple in Birmingham, without that meeting I wouldn’t have known about 247, which he was hoping to go live with the next day.  
Cancer is such a cruel disease and always seems to take those that have the most to live for. 
R.I.P. Phil. I’ll miss you, but glad in a strange way that you’re no longer suffering any pain. 

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3 minutes ago, Sangsom said:

Terrible news, I hope his family are all sorted and visas etc aren’t going to be a problem for his wife going forward 😕

thomas is english, P is his mother and was legal;ly married so it should not be an issue .  phill looked into that

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